Your newborn’s health, safety and emotional security are our teacher’s primary concern in our infant room.  Our staff is trained in infant First Aid/CPR and Fire Safety.  They monitor your child closely throughout the day and communicate developmental milestones, sleeping and eating patterns.  Our low teacher/student ratios enable us to give our infants the special attention they require and the peace of mind you deserve.  Our infants are beginning learners as they start to recognize their surroundings through sight and sound and even touch.  We introduce the Georgia Early Learning Developmental Standards (GELDS) in our infant classroom.

The second year of your child life is very important as we focus on the social, physical growth and development of your child.  Toddlers are early learners and we introduce activities that nurture the desire to learn. What appears to be a good time, is Learning in Action!  Using The Creative Curriculum, our toddlers & early preschoolers catch bubbles, play in the sand table, play pretend in housekeeping and scribble with paint. Activities use the Georgia Early Learning Developmental Standards (GELDS) as our foundation. Also Large group activities such as singing songs and playing educational games start them on the right track.  “Potty Training” is introduced in this classroom.

When your child enters our preschool classroom (3 and 4 year olds), they are introduced to “Circle Time” and begin learning in a more structured environment. Circle time introduces a phonics-based component that supports early reading skills. Also using a classroom schedule, students enjoy student selected activities, like center time, reading, writing, science, art and housekeeping every day.
Our weekly lesson plans, uses The Creative Curriculum, to address the Georgia  Early Learning Developmental Standards (GELDS) such as Physical Development & Motor Skills, Emotional & Social Development, Approaches to Play & Learning and Communication and Language & Literacy Skills and Cognitive Development.  For more information about GELDS, visit